Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3:10 To Yuma

We didn’t have specific plans for our stay in Arizona this Winter.  Escapees North Ranch worked well for Thanksgiving through New Year’s and until Quartzsite.  At one point we thought after Quartzsite we likely would return to Congress and then go to Lake Havasu for the pyrotechnic show (fireworks) in February.  But there was one thing that came through quite clearly in weather reports – that Phoenix and Quartzsite were 5 degrees warmer than Congress and that Yuma was 5 degrees warmer than Phoenix and Quartzsite.  Although I am not a mathematician, it was pretty easy to figure out that Yuma was 10 degrees warmer than Congress.  So, that settled it, after Quartzsite we were going to head to Yuma and get at least a month of the warmest winter place in Arizona.

The weather in Quartzsite was spectacular.  Many veterans of the Quartzsite said it was the best weather they could ever remember.  Highs were in the low to mid 70s every day for the two weeks we were there and lows were about 40, So, after Quartzsite, we headed south to Yuma on Highway 95, not the 3:10 train of the film starring Russell Crowe.  (Gary watched that movie not long ago and I gave the DVD to my parents without ever watching it.)

IMG_0492Now, for the benefit our friends back in the North, here is the forecast this week for Yuma.  And if you can’t read it, that is a predicted high of 86 for Thursday.

If that comes to fruition, it would be an all-time record high for January 30.  Anyone want to visit?  


  1. We're with you guys. Warmer for us in the winter is better.
    You've got us folks here in Casa Grande beat for Thursday. Our high is "only" supposed to reach 80 degrees. LOL

  2. if you decide to go to Havasu for the fireworks, let me know. We are going with a few other people. You could park with us :)

  3. May well be the best place in the country right now. One of the campers in our park is headed to Yuma as well.

  4. The more the merrier! Check us out online at www.visityuma.com

  5. Don't miss Yuma's Pint House. The Territorial Prison is interesting. If you like dates, visit Martha's Date Farm. You might look into the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge. And enjoy the weather.