Friday, January 3, 2014

A Traditional New Year’s Dinner

As we were back in Arizona for New Year’s, we took in the New Year’s eve party in the clubhouse at the campground.  A couple from the park served as DJs.  It seems line dancing is a favorite pastime of campers.  There would be two or three couples on the dance floor for couples dancing, but an entire herd of line dancers for those numbers.  We aren’t line dancers, nor much of any kind of dancers for that matter so we had a nice chat with a couple originally from Oregon, until they packed up and called it a night at about 9 pm.  As we had sat at their table when we came in seeing that they were the only ones at that table, we now were left with a table all to ourselves.  Rather that try to move to another table, we called it a night for the Escapees party.  Back at the motor home, we expected at 10pm Mountain Time to see the ball drop in Times Square.  Nope, apparently the local TV affiliates time delay the ball drop to coincide with midnight in the local time zone.  We headed off to the Arrowhead, which has become our local watering hole here in Congress.  They had advertised they would have snacks, which turned out to be cheese puff balls.  We were back in time to see the tape delay of Sonia Sotomayor launching the descent of the Waterford Crystal ball.

DSCN0476On New Year’s Day, it suddenly dawned on me that we hadn’t made any plans for a traditional New Year’s Day dinner.  So, off I went to the grocery to see what I could find at the last minute.  I scored the very last corned beef brisket they had in the store.  It was a fiver pounder, way too much for two people, but then we like leftovers for making Rueben sandwiches.  Pictured are our two huge platters of food, corned beef, carrots and onions in the background and cabbage and potatoes in the foreground along with bowls of juices and horseradish sauce.  The last minute plan came together quite well.

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  1. Looks like a fine meal to kick off the new year and one of our favorites.