Saturday, January 18, 2014

Still In The Desert

We still are dry camped in the desert outside Quartzsite, AZ.  This is our longest period of dry camping in our 2+ years of full timing.  Everything is going well.  A couple hours a day of running the generator keeps our batteries charged up and provides power for some of the more high-amp accessories.  We moved today (Saturday) to another somewhat more remote desert area.  And as long as we were moving, we dumped the waste tanks and refilled the water tank.  We think we probably could manage dry camping for at least 10 days before we would have to dump again, but we likely won’t stay here that much longer.

The “Big Tent” RV show opens today.  They say it is really crowded in the early days and especially during this opening weekend.  We will wait until Monday to check it out for the first time.

We went to the two official Escapees happy hours on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  There were probably 250 or more people at each of them.  We met another couple from our last home town in Michigan.  There was music each day and a ton of potluck snacks.


IMG_0466We had toured several of the flea markets, the many vendor tents that are here, eaten the the free pancake breakfast twice so far, and especially have enjoyed some of the rock shops.


  1. we will likely make our first visit to the Q next year as we are planning a western route this spring