Thursday, January 16, 2014

North Ranch Wrap-up

DSCN0498We have one more post in us about Escapees North Ranch RV Park in Congress, AZ.  On our last day there we took another walk through two gardens on the premises.  We previously wrote that there is a fascinating cactus garden, Saguaro Park that has a huge variety of cacti and some other desert vegetation.  This time we took a lot of pictures.  We are sure there are many more cactus varieties than are in this one garden, but we certainly didn’t know there were this many.


Our cactus garden pictures – all 52 of them including names -- can be seen by clicking on the following link:


DSCN0497The other garden in the Park was even more eclectic – Flamingo Park – a park of plastic pink flamingos and other flamingo kitsch.  We stopped by this park specifically to make a donation.  We were a bit of pink flamingo people in our pre-fulltiming days.  We had some plastic ones, the classic flamingo mailbox, and a two-foot tall flamingo mirror that adorned one of our bathrooms.  We had some strings of flamingo lights that fit well with our old hoopty motor home, but were little used in our present one.  They were taking up a chunk of space in the basement of the motor home.  So, we donated them to the North Ranch Flamingo Park.  The “curators” of Flamingo Park just happened to be sitting at a table in the Park when we wandered up with our bag of lights.  They were most appreciative of the donation and posed in flamingo stance for a picture.

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