Monday, January 20, 2014

Old Boys And Their Toys

The full timing crowd and especially the Escapees Club tend to be well…….. there is no other way to say it,,,,,,,,,,,OLD.  The average Escapee must be about 75 years old.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, it is just a fact of full timing (and once a full timer always a full timer at least at heart) that most of us are retirees and are at least somewhat elevated in age.  But out here is the desert Southwest, it certainly doesn’t keep anyone from being young at heart.  Here at Quartzsite, the old boys and their toys are out in full force.

DSCN0567The old boy toy of choice seems to be the side-by-side four wheeler.  I assure you, Gary will not be buying one of these go karts on steroids.  One of the couples we presently are camped with is the Hills, Dennis and Carol former owners of the RV Driving School, line dancers extraordinaire (well at least Carol is), and candidates for the full timing hall of fame (if there was one).  Shown to the right is Dennis’ RZR when is it is looking like it is supposed to.  And shown below is what is looks like as it is not supposed to and what Dennis looked like in the aftermath that included an airlift out of the desert to a hospital to have his ear sewn back on.  And yes, he still is riding with all the other old boys a year later.

Dennis Hill 050[2][1]_thumb[1]Camera(2) (1)_thumb[3]

And there are other even more exotic old boy toys out here too.  Shown below is one of the para-gliders that was flying about yesterday evening and the hot air balloon that went up just over the way this morning.  And, nope, Gary won’t be going up in the air either.  But as he is afraid of heights, I don’t have to worry too much about these anyway.


Yep, the old boys and their toys are out in full force here in the desert.


  1. Oh my, this makes our motorcycles look rather "tame and lame"! LOL. We sure hope to meet you two someday!

  2. Anything that might involve an airlift to the hospital as a regular part of the fun is probably not going to make it to the top of my list:)

  3. The bad thing about an old body is there is still a 25 year old living inside it.

  4. Those are bigger than the toys we saw here in Mesa.