Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Resort Living

IMG_0496We haven’t been in campgrounds lately with much in the way of amenities.   So it is time for a bit of resort living here in Yuma, if “resort living” and “campground” are not inherently at odds with each other.  It was tough to zero in on one as there are just so many campgrounds in greater Yuma.  But we finally chose one a bit west of town, almost to California and to Mexico for that matter – Cocopah RV and Golf Resort.  It is owned and operated by the Cocopah Peoples (roughly translated to River People as they lived in and around the Colorado River).  The campground is on the Reservation and is located at the big bend in the Colorado River where it then makes its final run south into Mexico and to its mouth at the north end of the Bay of California.

It is a large campground with something like 800 sites.  It is built in “spokes” with an 18-hole golf course running between the spokes and then finishes right along the river.  It has a large pool, hot tub, access to the Colorado River, a restaurant, cantina, sports courts, and a large activity center.


Our neighbors here seem quite nice and as we noted in our last blog post, the weather has been just spectacular.  As with most campgrounds in the south, there are a lot of Canadians here.  The percentage of Canadians who are snowbirds has to be huge.  The park even flies the Canadian Flag with the American and Arizona ones.  We don’t have any grass at our site, but at least we have a concrete patio for a change. We think it was a good choice for our month stay in Yuma.



  1. I went to their website and the park looks very nice and the rates seem quite reasonable. I continue to be amazed at the size of the campgrounds in the Southwest. I can't help but wonder if that casino wasn't a little bit of a draw for you guys :-)

    1. One of the casinos has poker tournaments. And yes we thought $560 + E a month was pretty reasonable.

  2. We stayed there for a few days several years ago. It is a nice place. Enjoy.