Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Class Reunion

In an earlier blog post, we related how we are proud members of the Class of 2011 of people who started their full timing adventures then.  Many of us each keep in touch through the Escapees RV forum and following each others’ blogs.

100_1224As we moved north in Florida, we were aware that there were a pair of class mates in the general area of where we were going to be be camping.  We contacted them – Daryle and Toni – and first met up at their campsite and that evening had dinner in the sleepy little gulf coast town of Cedar Key.  A couple days later they visited us in our campground in Williston, Florida.

They are a great couple seemingly having the time of their lives.  We enjoyed their company very much and shared many stories about our past and future travels.  We hope we will catch up to them again somewhere down the road.

Their blog is at:

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