Friday, March 23, 2012

We Have Moved

After four months of the motor home in one place, we have moved on down the road a bit.  It was with mixed emotions that we left Willow Lakes.  We had become acquainted with a lot of very nice people who we were now sad to leave.  But then it is time to commence our 2012 journeys and that is exciting.  Many other of the people in the park were starting to head back north too so it was kind of sad for everyone.

We expect we will see some of the people from the park on our travels this year.  One couple is taking almost the same route we are this year up the east coast.  Another couple workkamps at Acadia National Park in Maine and we will look them up when we are there.  Another said he might join us at the rally we are going to in North Carolina.

We didn’t move too far.  We are now in Lakeland, Florida for a few days.  We stopped for some service work at a shop.  The big item was to change the transmission fluid.  We had done a fluid analysis and it was time for new fluid.  We bit the bullet and put in the synthetic stuff that should never need further changing.  Our maintenance level is now just about fully up to date as we have been working on it progressively for the two years we have owned it.  We feel we are ready to go traveling!. 

We knew we would be staying in the parking lot of the service shop for one night.  But as these thing always drag out longer than you expect, we wound up here for a second night.  And at that point, we just said, what the heck, we will stay right here through the weekend as well.  We were going to be exploring Lakeland, the Detroit Tigers and Tampa, so we had no real need to go to a campground.  We have electric and water hookup here so we’ll just stay and start heading north on Monday.

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