Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Waving Corner

There was something we forgot to mention in our post about the RV park we have been staying in.  There is only one entrance in and out of the park.  There is another gate, but it is just an emergency gate and is not used.  Our lot is right at the first stop sign down from the main gate.  What that means is that virtually all of the traffic in and out of the park comes right by the patio outside our motor home.

The park is very friendly so everyone, as in every vehicle going in and out during the day, waves as they go by.  We were chatting with one resident who had been on this exact spot a couple of years ago.  He said: “yep you two are up on the waving corner this year”.  We nearly doubled over laughing,  We have been calling it the waving corner ever since.  To make a bit a fun out of all of it, we decided we needed some big hands for waving.  We looked for some in some sporting goods stores but couldn’t find any there so we just made our own.


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