Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We Can’t Quit Our Craigslist Habit

In preparation for full timing, we became very well acquainted with Craiglist, the free online place to buy and sell stuff.  Not only did Gary sell a huge quantity of our stuff via Craigslist, he also bought a number of items for the motor home as well.  Moreover, when Gary’s mother moved into assisted living and decided to sell her house and belongings, he posted many of her items for sale on Craigslist as well.  And he did that remotely from Michigan as her place was in Indiana.  Gary posted the ads and fielded the inquiries.  When a sale seemed likely, Gary’s brother or sister would go to Mom’s house for the showing and sale.
After the chore of selling a good portion of two households worth of stuff, you would think he would quit Criagslist.  But no, we still are buying and selling via Craigslist even as we travel.  We changed brake systems for the “toad” and sold the old one via Craiglist.    We bought and  sold hitch ball mounts.  We changed bike racks and did the buy and sell via Craigslist.  And we have bought and sold other items as well even as we travel.

100_1133Our most recent purchases were real winners.  As we reported in one of our earlier posts, we have been squeezing our own orange juice.  To make it even better, we were told we could pick our oranges for free in an undeveloped part of our RV park that had previously been an orange grove.  We squeezed so much juice that we broke the cheap juicer we had purchased at the Walmart.  Gary set out to find us a “new” one on Craigslist.  He had this notion of a tall squeezer kind with a geared lever arm.  He actually found a few like that and contacted one seller to see if the unit could be disassembled for storage.  In the process of that conversation, the seller offered up another juicer that she thought would better fit our needs.  It is fantastic.  The crank under the bowl is very easy to turn and juices each orange half very well.  It is fresh juice for us as long as we can find bags of oranges.  The price? – $5.

100_5317Our other recent buy was one Gary had been desiring since before we took off – a metal detector.  This was a tougher one as metal detectors seem to be highly desired on Craigslist and sell well.  We should have purchased this item before we spent the time at Myrtle Beach and Florida, but Gary won’t buy until the right deal comes along as it finally did with this one --  $65 for a $250 retail machine.
If we buy much of anything else, it isn’t going to fit.  So, maybe that will put an end to our Craigslist adventures.  And then again, maybe that will just lead to more selling so that we can buy other goodies as we travel along.

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