Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Much Better Bicycle Rack

100_5270Most of the things we purchased for our full timing journey have served us very well.  But one of our garage sale purchases was a real bust -- our first bicycle rack.  It looked like it would be a good one, but as with a lot of things you never really know until you give them a a try.  The first rack was the type that held the bikes by the horizontal tube of the frame.  But that rack had a lot of different joints to it and it seemed they all rattled.  No matter what we did, it was just an all out rattle trap.  We really didn’t mind when the car was being towed behind the motor home; we didn’t much know what it was doing back there.  But we don’t always unload the bikes and carrying them around with us was annoying.  We were going to buy a new one from a bike shop, but none of them would let us try one our before purchasing.  So it was back to Craigslist.  We found this one and the owner was glad to let us try it out.  It is a a major improvement over the prior one.  It is much quieter and it is considerably easier to use as well.  And we really didn’t have any trouble selling the old one on Craigslist.  And the buyer of the old one just wanted it for short hauls so it should be fine for him.  Hopefully our bike rack problems are solved.  But who knows how long the bikes will last.  We are surprised by how quickly they are rusting, but then they are almost constantly exposed to the elements and we have been in salty air a lot.  We once thought we would buy new ones when these gave up the ghost, but it now seems we might be better of always to buy used and just let them rust away.

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