Monday, March 12, 2012

Could This Be Our Future Home?

We have decided that we won’t be living in the cold of the north any longer whenever we leave the road.  So each winter in the south as we travel about the country we will be evaluating a different location as our possible future home.

We very much have enjoyed our stay at the Willow Lakes RV and Golf Resort in Titusville, Florida.  This is an ownership park – most of the lots are owned by people who live here year round or part time.  The people here are very friendly.  There is the golf course and there are lots of other amenities and activities.  The park itself is a beautiful one even if the surrounding area and the towns of Titusville and Mims may leave a bit to be desired.

We are not sure if we will want to live in an RV-centric community.  We don’t plan to maintain a large motorhome when we come off the road, but we have talked about buying a smallish travel trailer so that we still can travel north in the summertime when it is sweltering in the south.

Florida generally has better winter weather than Texas, or the south of New Mexico, Arizona, or California.  But then there are hurricanes here.  Also, it is easier to travel from here back to the midwest than from other areas.  We look forward to comparing Florida with Texas next winter and then other areas of the southwest after that. 

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of Willow Lakes:

In our last post, we embedded a slide show of “hats” in our post but then saw that the link did not come through in the emailing.  You can access all our photo albums through the link above include the “hats”.

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