Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another Happy Anniversary, Already?

If it seemed like we were moving north a bit fast and violating our guideline of spending at least a week in each place, well we were.  And there was a reason.  Back at Christmas time, my sisters and I tentatively planned a surprise celebrations of our parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary – 50 years of marriage.  So we had to get to Las Vegas as that was where my flight was booked from.

20140331_090524This truly was a surprise for our parents.  They had no idea I was flying in and that they were hosting a reception in their home.  My two sisters invited them to go to Sunday dinner at a restaurant.  When they had left to head to the restaurant, we installed the banner on the fence at their house.  When I arrived at the restaurant I was able to slip up behind my mother and surprise her with my presence.  My Dad was already in the buffet area and I slipped up on him as well.

20140330_145313After lunch we said, “let’s all go back to your house and visit for awhile”.  When they returned home they saw the banner on the and it was only then that we told them they were hosting a reception in a couple hours.  My Mother then said, “but we don’t have a cake”.  “Yes Mom, we do have a cake”.  Smile

Virtually everyone we had invited was able to come.  It was a nice affair with lots of good conversation and memories of their 50 years of marriage.  Some people might not have been able to deal with this level of surprise, but we think they enjoyed and appreciated it very much.  Below are a couple of pictures of the family


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