Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Anniversary

20140326_152624Friday was our 28th wedding anniversary.  So how do you celebrate it in Las Vegas?  It’s off to the buffet at Bellagio.  And just because it’s our anniversary doesn’t mean we don’t try to save a little.  We still “pulled a MarK” – go at the end of the lunch session and just stay for dinner.  Look how the shrimp just happened to fall on the plate to honor us.

While we were waiting for the end of the lunch session, we toured the conservatory at Bellagio.  When we last were here it was decorated in the theme of Autumn, but now it was in Spring motif.  It is always a beautiful display.  Everyone has camera in hand.


But back to the food.  The crab legs were great.  This is about the only place where Gary ever eats sushi.  There are so many stations.  It is just so good.  One of my favorites is the crème brulee.  This time the food was arranged on the plate below left and look at all those other wonderful treats as well.


20140326_162404-002And finally it was time to take a selfie.  We still are trying to get the hang of it as somehow Gary’s forearm wound up there in foreground.  Maybe we need one of those selfie arm extenders.


  1. Happy Anniversary to the both of you! I remember how good the food was at the Bellagio buffet, too. May your future travels be safe and enjoy many more adventures ahead.

  2. Happy Anniversary. We used to like the prime rib buffet at Caesars in South Lake Tahoe where I would eat about 5 bites of other stuff and several pieces of prime rib - I can eat salad, potatoes, bread, etc some other time :-). Good shot of you guys.