Monday, April 7, 2014

Poker, Basketball and SPAM

So what have I been doing in Las Vegas while Leeanne is back visiting the family in Detroit – well, the title summarizes it well – poker, basketball and SPAM.

2014-04-003Leeanne wanted to fly back from a major airport to obtain a direct flight.  I was planning to go to until she told me that I was cheaper than a kennel for Alley cat.  Actually, I didn’t plan to return as we don’t like to leave the motor home unattended very often.  Further, I will be making a trip back to the Midwest this Summer (more on that to follow in a future blog post).  But I am bonding with Alley.  So I had my choice --  spend the time in Phoenix or in Las Vegas.  For me that was an easy decision.

I play small Texas Holdem tournaments of about 10 to 40 players.  I have played one, two or three a day in the last two week.  They cost from $12 to $33 each tournament. I have won two and cashed in another but that has not been enough to overcome my entry fees.  Improbable cards keep raining down for my opponents.  I am very pleased with my play as I am making hardly any mistakes but way too much bad luck has hit so far.  A couple good wins would put me right back ahead.

I have watched basketball, basketball and more basketball.  I don’t bet on sports but there sure are a lot of people who come to Vegas to bet on the games.  I don’t even understand half the bets these people are making, but there sure is a flurry of activity at the betting counter.  I didn’t win the billion dollar challenge, but I did pick two of the final four teams – Kentucky and Florida and I had Kentucky winning it all.  We shall see tomorrow night.  (Not that I am any fan of Kentucky basketball.)

Captain LawrenceAnd while Leeanne was gone, it was the perfect time to open up a can of SPAM.  I actually stretched one can out over three meals.  One dinner I had a large green salad with fried SPAM.  The next day I had a fried SPAM sandwich.  And the morning after that I had scrambled eggs with fried diced SPAM.  And of course I had to break out my SPAM t-shirt.




And speaking of shirts, I also broke out the party shirt I purchase the last time we were here.  The bartender at the 777 Brewpub and Main Street Station called me Lloyd Christmas.  I had not made that connection before, but it is kind of funny when you see how Jim Carrey was dressed in Dumb and Dumber.  Now all I need is the orange top hat.  But I am not sure it is a compliment now to be know here as Lloyd Christmas


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