Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me…………..

Yes, we are still in Las Vegas.  We haven’t posted much as there hasn’t been that much new to post.  The main reason we still are here is that I decided this is the place I would like to be for my birthday.  Gary probably would have had us out of here a couple weeks ago, but then he didn’t miss out of 10 days of Vegas on a trip back to Detroit.

20140416_150238So, what did we do for my birthday?  We headed off yet again to the buffet at Bellagio.  We made another stop at the conservatory and this time the tulips were in full bloom.

We also stopped by Elllis Island for a couple of craft brews and then headed to the Riviera where we had free tickets from our coupon book to a comedy club show.  The headliner was Gerry Bednob, who played one of the sales people in the electronics store in the movie, The 40 Year Old Virgin.  He proceeded to offend so many groups of people in his act that many in the audience up and walked out.


20140416_170851One thing that we hadn’t noticed before at the buffet was an admonishment on the receipt to limit the stay at the buffet to 2 hours.  That is actually a tough one to comply with as we generally take a break between each trip to the serving stations.  We didn’t go over by too much and really doubt they would enforce a time limit anyway.

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