Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some New Stuff In Vegas

There have been a couple of new things we experienced in Vegas.  The first was down in the area of the strip and is called The Linq.  It is an entertainment district anchored by the giant Ferris Wheel that was under construction when we where here last Fall – The High Roller – advertised as the tallest in the world.  We didn’t ride it as it is $25 to $35 for one 45-minute rotation of the wheel, but we are sure it will attract a lot of attention.  The rest of The Linq is an alley-way of stores and watering holes.  It was created by the destruction of the former O’Shea’s casino, which has been recreated as a gambling room off the Quad casino, formerly known as the Imperial Palace.  Whew, hope you are following all of that.  If you are ever looking for a website that keeps up will all new things Vegas, check out this one --


The other new thing we saw in Vegas was in the downtown area – Container Park.  It is a one city block shopping and entertainment district with all the buildings constructed from ocean-going shipping containers.  They have welded containers together two and three high and have opened windows and windows walls in them.  They have an entertainment stage at one end of the park   It is a very unique venue.


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  1. Container Park ... who would have ever thought seeing that in Las Vegas. The crap tables are always whispering to me but I have not been to Las Vegas in years. I use to go a lot when I lived in the western states. Always good info on your blog.