Friday, April 25, 2014

On From Las Vegas

We almost got out of Las Vegas without extending our stay.  The day we were to leave there were high wind warnings.  We had to wait for an extra day to leave and it was a good thing we did.  The winds were as high as advertised and it would have been dangerous to be on the road.

DSCN0888So, where are we off to?  We only moved about a hundred miles up the road to the Death Valley area.  We headed north on Highway 95 and found our campsite at the Longstreet Inn and Casino in Armargosa Valley, Nevada.  We rented a 50 amp full hook up site for less that $20 a night not that far from the entrance to Death Valley National Park.


The drive through Nevada north of Las Vegas is a rather desolate one.  We passed along the Nevada Test Site where over 1,000 nuclear bombs were detonated from the 1950s to the early 1990s.  The area also is the home of the infamous Area 51 where top secret aircraft have been tested.  We closed the loop so to speak on our alien trail.  It started back in Roswell, New Mexico where an alien space ship reportedly crashed in 1947.  Some observers to that event claim that the aliens were transported on an Air Force plane to Area 51.  Also there have been reports of flying saucers and aliens sightings in the locale of Area 51 too.  So, of course there are road side stores cashing in on the alien scene.  And they aren’t the only stores cashing in in Nevada.  The first County north of Las Vegas is one that allows legal prostitution under Nevada State Law.  It had been the only place in our travels where we ever have seen a billboard for a brothel.  We bought some gas for our car at the gas station in front of the brothel.  They seemed to be doing a brisk business.



  1. I checked out your local on Google Earth and you seem to be in the middle of nowhere - I'm not used to the desert west.

    1. It is desolate here, after all this is the Death Valley environs.

    2. yep pretty much sums up Death Valley