Monday, April 28, 2014

“I Have To Go Back To Vegas…………….”

…….so said Gary this past Thursday evening.  So I am immediately thinking, “we just got here yesterday and you already have to get back to a poker table?  Was there some sort of poker extravaganza starting on Friday?  Are you bored with Death Valley?”

Well, it had nothing to do with the poker.  At one spot in Death Valley we has parked on some concrete.  When we pulled away, we noticed a bit of a fresh spot of some kind.  When we got back, Gary crawled under the car and could see a drip of fluid just about ready to drop off and off of the bottom of the transmission right where the repaired clutch bolted up.  Great, there was a leak from the repair we had done in Las Vegas.

Gary immediately sent off an email and a picture to the service advisor at the dealership in Las Vegas and followed up with a call the next morning.  We are leaking.  We are in Death Valley.  The nearest Ford dealer is back in Vegas 90 miles away and Gary has no choice but to drive it back to Vegas.  The dealership said they could look at it the same day if he could get it there before noon.   It hadn’t leaked much overnight – only a quarter teaspoon or so and they concluded it likely wouldn’t be a big risk to drive it the 90 miles.  So off Gary went in a windstorm.

They had the car repaired within about two hours of his arrival.  It actually was an axle seal that they had to replace which had nothing to do with the prior repair.  They were very nice and only charged him for the part and not the labor to install it.  The wind storm was even worse by this time but back he came.

Enough of these car issues already.


  1. I hate it when I have to take back a repair and it seems to happen way too often.

  2. Glad to hear that it was a quick fix on the car. No desire to have a nagging leak following you down the road.

  3. glad you discovered it before you got too far down the road. . .